More than ever, good translation is essential if you wish to develop your company abroad. Translated documents reflect your corporate image to your foreign customers and partners, and low-quality translations could have a negative effect on your business relationships.

Our specialist team will support you in your ambition to develop your company abroad. Our precise and high-quality translations are the key to your success. And – of course – we promise to handle your sensitive information with utmost care.

We strive to establish close relationships with our business partners, which is why we can adapt our range of services to any needs. Our competitive prices enable you to balance your budgetary constraints with your need for high quality results.

Our services:

English-French and German-French translations in the following areas:

Technical translation

SAP ERP, user guides and manuals, technical documentation, processes, memorandums, etc.


General terms and conditions, contracts and agreements, notarized documents (when a sworn translator is not required)


Balance sheets and financial reports, accounting documents, press releases, etc.

Medical translation

Medical documents and reports, medication leaflets, studies, articles, etc.


Websites, user guides, software, etc.


Communication materials, presentations, slideshows, brochures, leaflets, magazines, business cards, etc.


Brochures, leaflets, articles, documents, websites


Administrative documents, press releases, newsletters, mails, etc.

Proofreading and reviewing:


Correction of typographical, spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors in translated documents


Terminology check of translated texts to ensure consistency throughout the document(s)


Software user interfaces, video games, websites, etc.
Graphics: faking, translation

Layout/Desktop publishing:

Presentations and slideshows, posters, business cards, press releases, brochures, leaflets, user guides, etc.

Terminology and glossaries:

Creation and maintenance of terminology databases, glossaries and translation memories (several formats supported)


Linguistic, functional and cosmetics bug-checking and bugs reports

Quality assurance (QA):

Linguistic QA; QA on desktop publishing (DTPQA); general QA (GPMQA); video QA


Transcription of audio and video material into English, French or German text files (without translation)

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