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“Translation specialist in fields such as science and IT, I also have experience in desktop publishing as well as in image and video game localization. From my opinion, it is important to develop a healthy relationship between service providers and clients, which should be based on dialogue and mutual trust. I also work as a volunteer translator for an information website, and as an active member of an association promoting access to sport for all. I try to promote the concept of social economy, which reflects my belief in solidarity and collective commitment.”

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“I am an experienced translator who specialises in scientific and medical texts, and fully understands each step of the translation process. I am also an expert in desktop publishing and illustrations localization. I have worked as a project manager and localization specialist, which has taught me that every project is unique, and that dialogue is essential to ensure a fruitful and lasting relationship with the client.”

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“I offer you my skills in project management, in legal, financial and technical translation and my specialization in SAP ERP training material. My experiences in France and Germany within international food-processing companies and translation agencies have convinced me of the importance of there being a close relationship between translation service providers and their customers. That's why the creation of VECTranslation is in line with the concept of social and solidarity economics, reflecting our desire to bring a human face to translation services.”

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