Do you need a translation, some proofreading or a helping hand with the formatting of your documents before publication? Call professionals! Expertly trained and widely experienced in translation and desktop publishing, our team can assist you in both creating and developing high quality documents, whether in a professional or personal capacity.

Perhaps you have difficulties with writing up documents in French? By using VECTranslation, you can ensure the linguistic and aesthetic quality of your documents at an affordable price. So why go it alone?

Our services:


The language barrier can stop effective communication, whether in a professional context (e.g. in creating presentations, business documents, marketing materials or business cards), or in everyday life (when writing emails, web site contents, or flyers, for instance). To release your potential and help you to communicate on an international scale, our team offers a comprehensive translation service from English and German into French.

Revising and proofreading

As a student, an employee or an independent contractor, you may have to write documents (presentations, reports, theses, etc.) in a foreign language. In order to avoid any linguistic or cultural errors, our team can take care of the proofreading and revision of texts written in French because we understand that the subtleties of the French language can pose problems at times. Thanks to the trained eyes and the expertise of our team members, the quality of your documents, posters, brochures, flyers, or presentations is assured!

Layout/Desktop publishing

Looking for inspiration or the means to format a document intended for publication or distribution? It is well known that the form of your documents is as important as its content. Easily readable documents are more convincing to your readers and can make a big difference to how they are received. Our team can help you! Use our professional services and let us optimize the layout of your brochures, flyers, presentations, reports and other documents.

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